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Sales Process OS: Build a System for Beating Quota

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What People Are Saying:

SPOS has been fantastic. I've participated in various trainings and self-directed materials, but this course stands out from the pack. It's practical, easy to understand and gets to the root of effective sales process.

Omar Dousheh

I had a meeting with my VP of Sales this morning. He said my demos have 1000% improved over the last 3 months (when I started SPOS). This is a direct result of putting in a few reps from your course. Thank you all for what you do!

Chase Barmore

This is hands down the best sales process training out there. SPOS will give you the exact blueprint you need to hit your number and take control of your performance. No more getting in your own way. No more excuses.

Scott Leese

SPOS is an immediately actionable process to improve your results. Downloadable Strategic Sales Plan will help you accurately see where you are and help you set your 90-day goals. Extra downloadable's that help guide you through process and position yourself for success. This iterative process will allow you to not just meet quota but crush it.

Randi-Sue Deckard

Most sales training is mediocre or outdated. The Sales Process Operating System is highly detailed and invaluable for anyone in sales. In sales, you can't afford to be doing things mindlessly or randomly. You need a structured system, and that's precisely what this offers. This system breaks down every sales stage, providing great strategies. The Strategic Sales Plan is worth it alone. If you're serious about improving your sales and making more money, you should check this out.

Prince Anyanwu