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 [BONUS] FREE ACCESS to The Untethered Blueprint digital course. Dive into the exact blueprint Scott Leese, a 6x sales leader and 3x founder, used to build a $5M consulting business in 36-months, and generate $30k from digital course sales in just 60 days.

 [BONUS] FREE ACCESS to three best-selling books: More Than a Number: The Modern VP Sales Playbook, Addicted to the Process: How to Close Transactional Sales with Confidence and Consistency, and From Rep to Manager: A Step-by-Step Guide for Taking the Leap into Sales Leadership.

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Hear From GTM United Members:

Before joining GTM United, I struggled with finding a healthy balance between my professional and personal life. As a member, I’ve been able to learn so much more about my needs, the importance of prioritizing my mental health, and holding myself accountable to practicing daily self-care. It’s honestly so rare to be able to be part of a community where folks can openly participate, learn from others, and continuously bring their authentic selves to the conversation. Appreciating every minute of it all!

Mike L.

GTM is such a unique community! Being in sales can be lonely - especially when life/the world doesn't go as planned... Having a community where you feel safe, can listen, learn, grow, and support each other, was exactly what I didn't know I was looking for.

Natasha W.

I haven't been great about building my professional network outside of the org I work at. I also, needed more external insights for strategic brainstorming sessions with new perspectives. I have a direct line from two of the best thought leaders in the space (Scott and Ryan), and unique insights from 100s of GTM professionals. I gain insights in our live sessions that will directly tie to me earning more money in my day job and future side hustle. 1:1s with Scott and Ryan have truly empowered me to be willing to take leaps in my professional career. The group sessions have really opened my mind to new ideas/strategies, and given me a forum to help other people with their challenges which is very personally rewarding. The positive energy from so many successful professionals has been very motivating. Also, the safe space created to be truly open and authentic even when that means that the suggestions/responses might be challenging or direct because you know people are invested in your success. GTM United makes me feel empowered to take leaps, and the knowledge base allows me to get impactful insights and strategies in my day to day and personal life.

Rob R.

This community is amazing. Very different from anything I've been a part of. I've formed real connections from it. Huge value.

Jake O.

The training sessions delivered through GTM United have been fantastic. I've participated in various trainings and self directed materials, but this course stands out from the pack. It's practical, easy to understand and get's to the root of effective sales process.

Omar D.

I’m in awe of what Ryan Walker and Scott Leese have created here.

Sanjay P.

GTM United is building an energizing sales and business community. Real humans making things happen. You become the people you surround yourself with. These people are worth being around!

Joel B.

I've had so much more action, encouragement, and accountability stemming from here.

Dan C.

Y’all have me amped! I went from 'Nope can’t do this' to 'I have an idea and it’s both helpful for me now, and future me.' Got someone else into it and we’re launching soon. Thought you should know that you all building publicly really makes an impact.

Lori D.


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